From the Post-Its of Friends…


OK- after a day of meetings and one very extended lunch break, I present the first in a series of my favorite post-it poems by other people. More will appear this weekend (after I get their permission to share):


Winner: Environmentalist on a cynical warpath

Build a turbine in the ocean:
Nooo, don’t! It endangers the precious fish.
Gunner says You or the Dog-
Even you’d kill the pup.



Winner: Evoking the shitty air-quality of summer in a poetic way:

If lapping silence at my ears tells true:
Your absence is hazy like August and me in morning.
I fly to the echoed ringing beacon-
But alas, it is never you.


And, as always, one of mine [that may or may not be the reason I went out to lunch today…]:

Pakora packed in tupperware:

culinary experiment gone wrong.

Tastes like fried mashed potatos,

heart disease and cumin.


Keep them coming! Just think, this could be you.


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