Enough healing…


Wild overshare- bruises draining:

legs like Pollack’s purple canvas mistakes.

I crawl from under my rock,

cursing insurance men.


Yeah, so I took nearly a week off following my accident. It’s been too long, kids. My poor car has been languishing in the junk yard, subjected to who knows what sort of terrible torture, for several days now. I’ve been wearing her key around my neck, which is both sentimental and pathetic.


In the intervening time, I read Lost City Radio by Daniel Alarcon, my current (wildly inappropriate) writer crush.  IT IS AMAZING, GO READ IT. Now.


Like, good enough that I’ve started writing fiction again. Which is saying something. For more details, check my more personal, less poetic other-blog.


PS: Still taking entries for the first themed contest, about food.


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One Response to “Enough healing…”

  1. Cecilia Says:

    hey 🙂
    i like Daniel too 🙂
    big kiss

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