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I had a good date last night.

September 14, 2008

So, I am such a fan of boys:
Boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys.
My date was totally good,
Boys boys boys boys boys boys.



September 12, 2008

I am very excited for:
Burn After Reading, which premieres today.
Regardless of one bad re-
view, I will watch anon.

In other news, all readers of post-it poetry are encouraged to send in their own poems for a special readers-only post! Send in your poems to by Tuesday, Sept. 16 if you would like your poem featured!

I got into college yesterday!

September 7, 2008

Life can work unexpectedly:
Yesterday I found myself overwhelmed.
My eyes dotted with hot tears,
I’ve never been so good.

Sorry about the absence…

September 4, 2008

…and to apologize, I’m posting two today!

She leaves and I am more mad than hurt:
I suppose it’s just how selfish I am.
Thinking she’d want to stay here-
When there holds more to find.

Squat shoeboxes in my closet:
There I find letters to my future self.
They tell me, “Be good, be smart.”
I must tell them I’ve failed.