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From the Post-Its of Friends VI

July 27, 2008

Happy Sunday, everyone.

Winner: Making me giggle at 6:30 AM when I wanted to be asleep. Impressive. Except also… sort of ew. You know.

Hobble stiff-legged, just in time:
Man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.
Aaaahh. I lean to my left to–
Screw automatic flush!


Announcing the first THEME!!!!! Send me poems treating this subject and I will be a happy child. And probably publish you. We’ll start easy- my favorite thing in the world, and probably one of your favorites too:



From the Post-its of Friends V

July 24, 2008

More delicious post-it creations from other people:

Winner: Rhyming AND a pretty shweet second line. Though I’m guessing if you brandished the first line, the fourth line wouldn’t be such a problem. Not that I’m advocating violence, or anything. Honest.

I am a knife held between palms:
I am not flesh but I do like to breathe.
Make my friends play nice tonight,
Tomorrow they won’t leave.


Winner: Picking up on a trend and making all of us look like amateurs. Well done, Tim, I’m going to go hide in my cave until I can figure out how to be clever.

The joker jokes, the bat man bats:
Heath Ledger’s final punchline approaches.
Deny civil liberties–
A joke is batted in.


From the Post-Its of Friends IV

July 23, 2008

i don’t know if I agree with the sentiments of this next one, but I’m too tired to respond right now. 5 hours of sleep does not a happy poet make, cubicle slave or otherwise.



It’s because of work that we sit:
Checking blogs now to entertain ourselves.
None of us is a poet,
Just a bored office slave.


From the Post-Its of Friends III

July 22, 2008

Thanks to another dear co-worker who swears she isn’t a writer even though clearly she lies.


Winner: Voicing our secret communal paranoia and passion.


I’m quite embarrassed Pandora

You slyly discovered my secret love

of atrocious nineties pop

please whisper me JLo.


From the Post-its of Friends II

July 21, 2008
Winner: Acknowledging the dilemma faced by all-too-many all-too-often-oblivious, artistically-inclined males. Kudos to you, sir. We commend your bravery even as we grumble about the fact that you can fit into pants from 3 years ago. This is not a universal female experience, no matter what you may (erroneously) think.


Madame, Je Suis Cinquante-Cinquante
by David Edmon
Just had another female moment:
Fit into my three-year-old skinny jeans.
On my sexuality–
Limbo is a fun place.

From the Post-Its of Friends…

July 18, 2008

OK- after a day of meetings and one very extended lunch break, I present the first in a series of my favorite post-it poems by other people. More will appear this weekend (after I get their permission to share):


Winner: Environmentalist on a cynical warpath

Build a turbine in the ocean:
Nooo, don’t! It endangers the precious fish.
Gunner says You or the Dog-
Even you’d kill the pup.



Winner: Evoking the shitty air-quality of summer in a poetic way:

If lapping silence at my ears tells true:
Your absence is hazy like August and me in morning.
I fly to the echoed ringing beacon-
But alas, it is never you.


And, as always, one of mine [that may or may not be the reason I went out to lunch today…]:

Pakora packed in tupperware:

culinary experiment gone wrong.

Tastes like fried mashed potatos,

heart disease and cumin.


Keep them coming! Just think, this could be you.