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September 12, 2008

I am very excited for:
Burn After Reading, which premieres today.
Regardless of one bad re-
view, I will watch anon.

In other news, all readers of post-it poetry are encouraged to send in their own poems for a special readers-only post! Send in your poems to by Tuesday, Sept. 16 if you would like your poem featured!



August 16, 2008

I, inspired by Napoleon:
Have taken over Post-It Poetry.
With Zoelle away at school,
I, Bailey, am supreme.

Well, sort of. But Zoelle may have limited access to the internet while over at her fancy-schmancy college, so it just made more sense for me to have a bit more control over the website.

Updates will still be frequent, of course! Member submissions are always welcome!


PS: We have a gmail now! Send submissions to !

From the Post-Its of Friends VI

July 27, 2008

Happy Sunday, everyone.

Winner: Making me giggle at 6:30 AM when I wanted to be asleep. Impressive. Except also… sort of ew. You know.

Hobble stiff-legged, just in time:
Man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.
Aaaahh. I lean to my left to–
Screw automatic flush!


Announcing the first THEME!!!!! Send me poems treating this subject and I will be a happy child. And probably publish you. We’ll start easy- my favorite thing in the world, and probably one of your favorites too:


Boys are stupid.

July 24, 2008

People are not watershed years:

I am not your excuse to be emo.

Then again, you give me things-

Friends’ sympathy,  headaches.


In other news, I’ll soon be introducing a new feature- challenges to write post-it poetry based on THEMES. I’ll pick my favorite 3 of those I’m sent, and they’ll be featured on a special challenge page. Exciting, right? I know you’re excited. You have nothing else to be excited about, man, you work in an office.


Also, in case you’ve forgotten, you can find the guidelines for writing your very own post-it poem right here.

We are not alone, wasting away in cubicle land…

July 19, 2008

Apparently, according to this post’s permalink, not only are we not alone, we’re also not aloe. Which is a relief, let me tell you. Though occasionally I wish I had the ability to soothe my own sunburns…

aaaanyway. I bring tidings of great change! Soon these pages will be graced with another regular contributor. I’m sure she’ll pop up soon, so keep an eye out.

TGIS. Celebrate your freedom from your desk- go on a hike! Sit around and eat donuts! Who cares, just have a good time.

Maybe we found summer lonely:
loose-lipped caught empty opportunity.
Given all expanse of air,
this fish, once more seabound.

Reduce, recycle, reuse…

July 16, 2008

Sometimes when my cubicle seems particularly small or the thought of the 27th floor is giving me vertigo, I write poetry.  So that the guy across the aisle doesn’t notice, I write on otherwise discarded, preused post-its.

My office poems are pretty short.  I’ll post at least one a day.


Paper planes slip over cube walls:

love letters to our mutual boredom.

Yours complex like B52s,

mine a little crumpled.