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At the county faire.

July 20, 2009

At the faire we greased our friendships:

Powdered sugar clinging to us like coats.

The lights circled like halos,

We danced into the night.


Yes, we do have a county faire in our little semi-rural area. Yes, I nearly bought a duckling (or two; they were on sale!). Yes, funnel cake is probably the tastiest poison ever invented. All in all, it was good fun.


From the Post-Its of Friends VI

July 27, 2008

Happy Sunday, everyone.

Winner: Making me giggle at 6:30 AM when I wanted to be asleep. Impressive. Except also… sort of ew. You know.

Hobble stiff-legged, just in time:
Man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.
Aaaahh. I lean to my left to–
Screw automatic flush!


Announcing the first THEME!!!!! Send me poems treating this subject and I will be a happy child. And probably publish you. We’ll start easy- my favorite thing in the world, and probably one of your favorites too:


From the Post-its of Friends V

July 24, 2008

More delicious post-it creations from other people:

Winner: Rhyming AND a pretty shweet second line. Though I’m guessing if you brandished the first line, the fourth line wouldn’t be such a problem. Not that I’m advocating violence, or anything. Honest.

I am a knife held between palms:
I am not flesh but I do like to breathe.
Make my friends play nice tonight,
Tomorrow they won’t leave.


Winner: Picking up on a trend and making all of us look like amateurs. Well done, Tim, I’m going to go hide in my cave until I can figure out how to be clever.

The joker jokes, the bat man bats:
Heath Ledger’s final punchline approaches.
Deny civil liberties–
A joke is batted in.


Boys are stupid.

July 24, 2008

People are not watershed years:

I am not your excuse to be emo.

Then again, you give me things-

Friends’ sympathy,  headaches.


In other news, I’ll soon be introducing a new feature- challenges to write post-it poetry based on THEMES. I’ll pick my favorite 3 of those I’m sent, and they’ll be featured on a special challenge page. Exciting, right? I know you’re excited. You have nothing else to be excited about, man, you work in an office.


Also, in case you’ve forgotten, you can find the guidelines for writing your very own post-it poem right here.

From the Post-Its of Friends IV

July 23, 2008

i don’t know if I agree with the sentiments of this next one, but I’m too tired to respond right now. 5 hours of sleep does not a happy poet make, cubicle slave or otherwise.



It’s because of work that we sit:
Checking blogs now to entertain ourselves.
None of us is a poet,
Just a bored office slave.


From the Post-Its of Friends III

July 22, 2008

Thanks to another dear co-worker who swears she isn’t a writer even though clearly she lies.


Winner: Voicing our secret communal paranoia and passion.


I’m quite embarrassed Pandora

You slyly discovered my secret love

of atrocious nineties pop

please whisper me JLo.