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alo from canadia

August 19, 2008

A postcard from niagara falls:

apparently I don’t like gambling.

overpriced everything here:

ten dollar french fries, beer.



August 5, 2008

Hello, bitches, I have returned:
Flush from humid nights of boozing with mice.
Rum and diet, my new drink-
The fireworks were cool, too.

Okay, no, it wasn’t a Mickey that my cousin and I wound up drinking with, it was a Tigger, but that doesn’t fit the required frame.

Rode Big Thunder Mountain four times in a row without ever getting off. Also? Florida humidity sucks.

Musings on Myriad Meetings in 3 parts

July 25, 2008


Maybe I find meetings lonely:

lost in a sea of sleepy coworkers.

Scanning the crowd for young folk,

anyone who knows me.



Playing with numbers to paint smiles:

please don’t pretend those graphs are positive.

I think we all get it, man,

the economy sucks.



Don’t blame me, blame the stock market:

It traded my dreams of fiji away.

It’s not that I don’t like you,

I just like beaches more.

Seriously, it’s not downloading.

July 25, 2008

I will away Saturday morn:

But alas! alack! My iPod has failed.

The Princess Bride transfers not,

Doubtful it shall ever.